Okay, this is going to be an intuition behind distribution or specifically statistical distribution. So, what is a statistical distribution ? why do we need it? Is it better than a histogram or does they share something in common?

For a basic understanding of histogram, refer Histogram.

Fig: Histogram

let’s say, we…

Let’s dwell a few decades ago when nobody could realize a world where we live today. No one ever thought of the power of information and communication that could be bestowed upon us. At the least, they were not aware of its full potential as we dig deeper in the…

It was like a transparent greyish-black fabric and all shining with millions of white dots just trying to reach out to me. It felt personal and something so relatable that I could not resist but analyze it and give my curiosity an identity. Staring there at the wide curtain of…


Hexgedit (points 30)

Woah! Someone opened the flag file in hexedit… and then gedit??

Download the image file below.

👉🏿 Clearly, it seems what it says in the problem description, doesn’t it?

Let’s find out.

Now, let’s find an easier way to have all the text in the image as a simple ascii/txt file. Wait a minute, Haven’t we heard of something called an OCR ? sure, we do. let’s fire up some online OCR service, upload the image and copy the text to a new file on our local machine. Also, check for any typo or error in the file.

Now we have a hexdump file with us. let’s reverse it to see the content of the file. shall we?

xxd -r -p hex_file.txt


Perfect XOR (Points 100)

Can you decrypt the flag?

fig(i) given python file

Now, as our first instinct, we would like to run the file to check out what it does. Sure, run the give code in a VM (Always be safe). Turns out this script is meant to just output the flag. But wait, is it that…

It was before dawn,when everything started to squeak and noises were heard that matched none of the harmony of the peace. Every object was personified, every piece weighted some prejudice and it was unfair if that wasn’t held accountable. …

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